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I am a new patient, how do I make an appointment?


For new patients, you can call or text (603) 770-0408 to discuss your treatment needs, verify insurance benefits or package purchase and schedule your initial evaluation. An account will be generated in our patient portal software and you will be able to submit any medical history forms prior to your first visit. 

What should I expect on my first visit?


In every initial visit, we will take some time to fully discuss your concerns and perform a formal evaluation of the specific areas being addressed. This will include flexibility and strength measurements, postural and gait analysis, neurological screen, and assessment of functional movement patterns. Once we have all the data collected we are able to discuss appropriate treatment methods and develop a plan of care to best meet your goals.


With the remaining time, you will receive hands-on treatment to get you feeling better and provide methods you can practice at home to continue your progress.

What do I wear for my sessions?


Please wear or bring loose and comfortable clothing for stretching, exercising, and manual work performed on the treatment area. There is a bathroom to use for changing.

Do you take insurance?


Ability Allies is able to provide claimed services though Allways, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Medicare, and Tricare/Humana Military, Workers Compensation and Automobile injuries. Additionally we provide concierge services which we find most effective for the treatments performed in an unrestricted manner. If you wish to submit claims to your insurance carrier we may not be affiliated with we can supply patients with documents to submit to their own insurance for possible reimbursement. We also accept HSA and FSA.

How do I make a payment?


Payments can easily be made by logging into your patient portal and click on the pay balance tab. Credit cards accepted include Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. HSA and FSA can also be used to purchase visits or packages.

How do I purchase a session or a package of visits?

  • Preferred payment for packages is via invoice email through Quickbooks bank payment link.

  • Patients otherwise can log into their account in the patient portal and click on the pay balance tab.


How do I get Sole orthotics?

Patients can call (603) 770-0408 to book an appointment specifically for customized Sole orthotic fittings. You will receive a form to describe your intended use of the product (running, hiking, skiing, sport, or everyday use) and shoe size so together we can choose the most appropriate thickness and base material (from several options) that best suits you. Orders may take a few weeks to get in. Patients will be able to take home their custom orthotics the day of the customization appointment.

Where can I learn more about Sole products?


You can visit to learn more. Purchases and customization of products are made through Ability Allies.

What is the Hesch Method treatment?


The Hesch Method is a very precise evaluative process and treatment protocol for joint dysfunction and postural malalignment with a multifactorial approach considering corresponding movement patterns along the kinetic chain. Specific analysis of SI (sacroiliac) joints, pelvis, and lumbar spine is emphasized with this process as they serve as the central junctions of our body's center of gravity.

To put it simply, when one joint is in distress or out of alignment it can cause other joints in the body to also shift alignment or take the brunt of pressures/biomechanical forces to the other areas thus continuing a domino effect creating a widespread degree of malalignment and pain throughout the body. The Hesch Method is used as a tool to stop and reverse this pain cycle effectively and restore balance to joints and soft tissues.

You can visit to learn more.

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