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When you receive the

Highest Standards

You can achieve the

Best Outcomes

Physical Therapy

Athletic performance

and recovery

Ergonomic assessment

Custom foot orthotics


Ergonomic consult for your business or home office by physical therapist Dr. Natalie Tilton of Ability Allies


Assessment of home and office work space with provided strategies and equipment to set you up for success in your job.


Physical Therapy

We offer Orthopedics,Sports Medicine and Neurological Rehab as well as Vestibular Therapy.


Athletic Advantage

Performance enhancement and

sport specific training. 

Methods for injury prevention and

accelerated muscle recovery.


Custom Orthotics

High quality custom moldable foot inserts personalized to maximize structural support and promote optimal gait and running patterns. 


Dry Needling

A modern treatment with a monofilament needle to release muscle tightness and trigger points, decrease myofascial restrictions, and reduce neuromuscular pain.


Postural Restoration

Application of manual techniques

and the Hesch Method to promote symmetrical alignment for both chronic and acute conditions for entire body.

Patient Spotlight

"I can do stuff with my shoulder again. That's all because of Natalie. The one thing I regret is that it took me a handful of months to reach out to her.

She knows what she's doing, she's a professional, 

she's knowledgeable, I honestly can't recommend her enough."


David S.

Ability Allies Logo

We believe in high standards

  • With one on one hour-long private physical therapy sessions.

  • High-quality personalized care, full attention, and commitment to address your individual goals.

  • The benefit of having a physical therapist with a strong level of expertise and experience.

  • Connected support from your trusted ally for all your medical, wellness, and fitness needs.

Service Areas
Physical Therapy and Fitness Classes in Epping NH
New Location in Greenland NH!

Home and office visits available upon request
Telehealth and online programs

"I have had so many surgeries and many physical therapists in the past, believe me when I tell you,

Natalie is the best. She has the perfect combination of knowledge, skills, and passion for her work.

She is the one who will get you back on your feet."

Joanne C

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